2019 Donation Dedications

In Memory:

In Memory of Frederick N. Adams
Julia Adams

Common Yellowthroat Warbler by Sarah E. Devlin Photography

In Memory of Bill Baldwin
Emily H. Baldwin

In Memory of Lee and George Baldwin
Sherill Baldwin and Kimball Cartwright
Connie L. Pina

In Memory of George Baldwin Jr.
Davenports Employees 15 Year Club
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Doherty, Jr.
Sandra G. Resnick

In Memory of Irene Barber
Mike and Joe Schreibman

In Memory of Nancy Berlin
Richard and Allison Armstrong Jr.

In Memory of Marilyn Sheehan Barry
Ronald and Maureen Boisvert, Jr.
Charles and Jane Buckley
Virginia Farber
Sarah Huber
Michael Lach
Donna Peterson
Edward and Earline Rubel

In Memory of Mary Ann Bowden
Bruce C. Bowden

Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands & West Reservoir by Gus Romano

In Memory of The Bown Family
Richard and Mary Alexander

In Memory of Andy Briggs
Marcia Andrews

In Memory of Eddy Brown
Ed. W. Brown

In Memory of Joyce Bush
Leslie Dossey and David Bush

In Memory of Ruth and Richard Connaughton
Patti Connaughton-Burns
Margaret and Robert Klehm

In Memory of Ruth M. Connaughton
Tom and Joanne Storey

In Memory of Judd J. Corbett
Ursula K. Corbett
Nino and Shannon Corbett

In Memory of Charles and Katharine Corbett
Jonathan and Karen Staab

In Memory of Albert Dalmolen
Frances Evelyn Dalmolen

Tree swallow parent on a fly-by feeding (photo: Sarah E. Devlin Photography www.sarahedevlin.com)

In Memory of Robert Damiano
Barbara Tabak and David Damiano
Grace Damiano

In Memory of Edward and Adeline Davis
Carl and Deborah Sturgis

In Memory of Frederick and Martha Davis
Ross and Bonnie Martha Hall

In Memory of Patricia A. Desler
David Desler

In Memory of Susan DiGiovanni
Nancy Digiovanni

In Memory of Sherill A. Duggan
Dennis F. Duggan

In Memory of Laura Dwyer
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Philip S. Eagan
Mary M. Eagan

In Memory of Kenneth and Dora Eaton
Lois E. Eaton

In Memory of Janie (Vincent) Emanuel
David and Patricia Vincent

Horseshoe crab by Vince DeWitt

In Memory of Robert S. Engel, Sr.
Carolyn R. Engel

In Memory of Linda Fall
David Crestin and Beth Bierbower

In Memory of Mary Ruth Follas
John and Carroll Follas

In Memory of Amelia Geggel
Robert and Karen Geggel

In Memory of Marilyn R. Geller
Joel S. Geller

In Memory of Geoffrey Groff-Smith
Thomas and Nancy Whiteley

In Memory of Warren F. Hall
Karen A. Hall

In Memory of Francis Hamilton
John and Kathleen Welch

In Memory of Robert R. Hampton
Cynthia A. Hampton

In Memory of Marg and Larry Healy
Jane P. Healy

Rose pogonia by Rich Eldred

In Memory of Robert C. Healy
Jane P. Healy

In Memory of Normand and Therese Hebert
Gilbert and Michele Becker

In Memory of John P. Hegarty
Michael and Janet Lincoln

In Memory of Robert Huskin
Edward and Earling Rubel

In Memory of Edward Ted Janse
Joan Janse

In Memory of Gertrude and Emil Kirsch
William and Linda Desrochers

In Memory of Janice and Bob Klehm
Margaret and Robert Klehm

In Memory of Paul Kozar
Joan C. Kozar

In Memory of Ruby J. Lambert
Mark and Susan Lambert-Daley

Yellow lady slipper orchids by Rich Eldred

In Memory of my loving Laura
Crystal and Garin Casaleggio

In Memory of Barbara F. Lee
George I. Rockwood, Jr.

In Memory of Florence Feldman Mangen,
Mother of Debera First
Roberta (Bobbie) McDonnell

In Memory of Anne (Martin) Magor
Thomas and Bonnie Martin

In Memory of Don Martin
William and Angela Mueller

In Memory of Timothy McCauliff
David and Jane Murray

In Memory of Scot McClain
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Henry and Georgia McCusker
Anne M. Peirce

In Memory of Jean McGuire
Jeff and Barbara McGuire

In Memory of Joan Scully Metz
Peter J. Metz III

Halloween pennant dragonfly by Blair Nikula

In Memory of Ian Mickle
Rich Mickle

In Memory of George H. Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell

In Memory of Theresa Morgado
Martin and Heather Morgado

In Memory of Elliott and Joan Nickerson

In Memory of our dear friend Mardie Noles
Russell and Sandra Shannon

In Memory of Moira R. Orr
Joseph Orr

In memory of Robert B. Our
Eileen M. Our

In Memory of Christine Peterson
Henry and Donna Peterson

In Memory of Pat and Stephen Petro
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of John S. Preston, Jr.
Diana and Faith Preston
Joseph and Elaine Shovlin

In Memory of Elizabeth L. Pring
Kenneth Pring

Bumblebee hovering over lavender by Stephanie Foster

In Memory of Linda Ann Raynor
Thomas and Kristine Raynor

In Memory of Mae and Elwood Reeves
John and Susan Stinson

In Memory of Jane Borkey Richards
Jeff and Kelly Richards

In Memory of Stella and Louis Riedl
Georgene Riedl

In Memory of Fred Rowley
Barbara Eastman

In Memory of Maura Russell
Fred and Kathy Budreski

In Memory of Rose Sanna
Robert V. Condon III

In Memory of H. Donald Scott
Michael and Martha Farmer

In Memory of Preston Smith
from the Morrison Family – (David, Robb, Julie, Bill and Patty)

In Memory of Robert F. Smith
Lew and Pauline Ashton
Deborah B. Clough
Elizabeth Collins Cook

In Memory of Russell Smith
Deborah B. Clough

In Memory of Ruth Smith
Deborah B. Clough

Ladybug on butterfly weed by Janet DiMattia

In Memory of Sheila Smith
Stephen Erwin and Barbara Tomasian

In Memory of Morton and June Snowhite
Pamela Petro and Marguerite Harrison

In Memory of Fred R. Street
Barbara A. Brown

In Memory of Ken and Glenna Swanton
Bette B. Swanton

In Memory of Thomas and Mary Taylor
Robert and Jane Sumner

In Memory of Robert Thomas
Elaine and Joseph Shovlin

In Memory of Esther and Walter Trainer
Sara Trainer

In Memory of Lamia and Walter Trowbridge
Howard and Trudy Dolgin

In Memory of Lucy Tutunjian
Joan C. Lafond

In Memory of Albert Tyldesley
Elizabeth A. Tyldesley

In Memory of Charles O. Verrill
Henry and Eleanor Hood

In Memory of Rosella Wise
Herb and Janis Raffaele

Great blue heron lifting off by Janet DiMattia

In Memory of Sara Wittenstein
Philip and Elizabeth Wittenstein

In Memory of Ted Wojnarowski
Carole Wojnarowski

In Memory of Timothy Wollard
Georgene Riedl



In Honor of George and Lee Baldwin
Bruce and Beverly Nightingale

In Honor of Marilyn Sheehan Barry
Sarah Huber

In Honor of the Boundary Quest Team
Al Boragine

In Honor of Martha and Al Campbell
William and Christina Maloney

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Capece
Nicholas G. Capece

In Honor of Megan Daley
Kevin and Beryl Daley

Piping plover by Gus Romano

In Honor of David M. Davis
Joan Flash Davis

In Honor of my Amazing Aunt Donna
Crystal and Garin Casaleggio

In Honor of Noelle and Layna Donovan
James Baylis and Kim Edgarand

In Honor of Everyone Who Cares about Conservation
Roberta (Bobbie) McDonnell

In Honor of Katherine Gekas
Richard and Margaret Stenberg

In Honor of Leonard Goddard
Jacquelyn Goddard

In Honor of Erica Goodman
Lillian Bruhier, Virgin Management

In Honor of Madeline Gould
Susan Bartick

In Honor of Harwich Real Estate and Open Space Committee
The Green Family Foundation

In Honor of All HCT Volunteers
Shirley Knowles

In Honor of HCT Volunteers
Bob and Dottie Coombes

Chickadee flying by Janet DiMattia

In Honor of all the great work Nancy Hipp does for HCT
William and Karen Goggins

In Honor of Christina Joyce
Carol Joyce
Joseph and Lynne Lavieri

In Honor of Michael W. Lach
Sara Berman
Elizabeth Lewis
Nancy Wigley

In Honor of The Lamont Family
George and Cathy Lamont

In Honor of Don Landing
Tom and Deb Saudade

In Honor of Thomas E. Leach, Retired-Harbor Master
Robert K. Leach

In Honor of Mike Lincoln
Friends & Gardners of Chatham-Harwich

In Honor of Jimmy Marceline
Judith Davis

In Honor of Kimberly McCarthy
Jane P. Healy

In Honor of Finn McCool, the best dog ever!
Michael McMahon

In Honor of Kip and Stephanie O’Neill
Rosemary D. O’Neill

Great blue heron by Kathleen Magnusson

In Honor of Robert H. Post
Craig and Janet Post

In Honor of Mary Saudade
Tom and Deb Saudade

In Honor of the Green/Smith Challenge
Charles (Gary) and Donna Conroy

In Honor of Bob Smith
Nino and Shannon Corbett

In Honor of Patti Smith
Elizabeth Collins Cooks

In Honor of The Thatcher Family
Teresa Halloran

In Honor of Dick and Rae Tucker
John O’Dowd

In Honor of the Weinbaum Family
Burton and Joyce Weinbaun