Reserve today for HCT’s
Fall Wine Dinner at
The Port: Oct. 28th

Reserve today for HCT’s
Fall Wine Dinner at The Port!
Wednesday, October 28th (5-8 p.m.)
$100/person: Enjoy hors d’oeuvres & a three-course dinner paired with choice wines
(includes all food, wine, tax & gratuity—WOW! )
Selected wines & commentary generously provided by Orleans Wine & Spirits.
Proceeds benefit HCT’s land-saving work.
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Adventures in

No mistaking it – this is an adventure. Melissa Hennessey, her five-year-old daughter Sophia, and Jenna Zoino slip off the beaten path, duck beneath a barely visible opening in the tangle of Virginia creeper and briars, and slip into the woods. Not only does an air of adventure hang around the trio, but an aura of mystery too. Who knows what they’ll find?

“If we’re going to reveal the sites, we have to agree on having personal anonymity,” says Zoino, holding a branch aside for little Sophia to duck beneath. Hearing the humans’ approach, some creature skitters away, its noisy escape announced by leaf cover left dry by a summer of too little rain. Everyone pauses to consider what it might be. “Squirrel?” “Sounded like something bigger.”
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Wildlife Tracking
Workshop: Oct. 10th

Join naturalist and tracking instructor Todd Kelley for a workshop on how to identify wildlife and their tracks by interpreting the clues left behind by wildlife such as otter, fox, coyote, deer, raccoon, muskrat, skunk and maybe even mink. Workshop materials will be provided including a land mammal species checklist for Cape Cod.  This Wildlife Tracking Workshop will take place Saturday, Oct. 10th from 9-11 a.m. in the Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands (rain date: Sunday, Oct. 11th). Directions will be provided upon reservation. $15 per person.                                                   

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Orienteering Workshop:
Saturday, Oct. 24th

Reserve now to join naturalist Todd Kelley  on Saturday, Oct. 24th from 10:00 to noon (rain date: Sunday, Oct. 25th) for a hands-on workshop on how to use a compass and read a map. We will follow a course where you will get to apply practical reasoning and decision-making skills in land navigation basics in order to always stay found—-even without a smartphone!
A compass will be provided for workshop use. Directions will be provided upon reservation. $15 per person.
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The Wilsons bring owls that are found locally including great-horned owl with golden irises, red morph screech owl and the soda can-sized saw-whet owl. They also showcase owls from around the globe, including the Eurasian eagle owl (largest owl species in the world) and the South American spectacled owl. The barred owl with its dark charcoal-colored eyes and the striking snowy owl will also make an appearance. – See more at: