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26th Annual Meeting

Soak in the stunning summer views and sea breeze of Pleasant Bay from Wequassett perched atop Cape Cod’s largest estuary as we celebrate saving special places at HCT’s 26th Annual Meeting on Monday, August 11th (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.). The event is free, but you must register in advance to attend. Join us as we strive to preserve the largest, remaining undeveloped landscape in the 21,000-acre Pleasant Bay Watershed spanning the towns of Harwich, Chatham, Orleans & Brewster.
Space is limited, so please email to pre-register by Aug. 7th.

Discovering a Vernal Pool
on Land Preserved by HCT

Tony Pane made a whooping sound from the edge of the dark cold wetland.  “Yes!” he bellowed across the water. “Oh my god.  This is amazing,” he added, his voice lowered. No, he hadn’t fallen in the water.  He was held in his tracks looking at the edge. Dressed in hip waders with a white baseball hat and carrying a five-foot tall pole, this retired English teacher bent over to better gauge his find . . .
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Birding for Beginners
at HCT’s Largest Preserve

With lots of bird song and activity in the air, spring is a great time to practice your birding skills. Sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT), 37 guests joined Todd Kelley in late May at HCT’s largest preserve (Bank St. Bogs Nature Preserve, Harwich Port) for a “Birding for Beginners” workshop along HCT’s Bluebird Trail of nestboxes that host bluebirds, tree swallows, and other songbird species. They learned how to recognize and identify birds by sight and sound. And they distinguished telltale field marks such as the size and shape of their bills, body size, wing shape, flight patterns, and general behavior as well as their plumage.  For more interesting adventures, please see our guided walks under the “Walks & Events” tab above.

Voters Support Town’s
Downey Property Purchase

Voters at the May 7th Town Meeting approved Article #60 to authorize the Town of Harwich to purchase the Downey property next to Saquatucket Harbor Marina. And then voters approved the measure on May 20th at the voting polls. Supporting the Town Real Estate & Open Space Committee’s position on Article #60 which assumes that purchase of the approx. 2.2-acre Downey property next to Saquatucket Harbor Marina would improve vehicle access to and parking near the harbor as well as help restore the wetland and river areas to the east, the HCT Board of Trustees encouraged voters to support the proposed purchase for $825,000.  Currently, the Downey property is an eyesore along busy Route 28.  Click here to see a map and understand how the Downey property (outlined in yellow) fits into the Town’s Saquatucket Harbor Marina and adjacent Andrew’s River that flows into the harbor.

The Wilsons bring owls that are found locally including great-horned owl with golden irises, red morph screech owl and the soda can-sized saw-whet owl. They also showcase owls from around the globe, including the Eurasian eagle owl (largest owl species in the world) and the South American spectacled owl. The barred owl with its dark charcoal-colored eyes and the striking snowy owl will also make an appearance. – See more at: